Ghost Ghost

hey everyone! we’re playing two super fun shows this week!

on wednesday, 3/28, we’ll be down in indian at the brown bear saloon celebrating thomas’s being in alaska for a year! fire island, ak, b boi$ on acid, and the giant tongue that ate chicago will be playing too! this show’ll be $5 at the door

on friday, 3/30, we’re playing the second annual a+r showcase at koots. be sure to come out early because we go on at exactly 8.50! we’ll have new steffi-designed patches and buttons that kat scratch beaver + philty phil made for us too! nine other amazingly awesome bands are playing too including evil ted + the thick pink antiseptic, the sweeteners, and the rocket surgeons. we’ll be playing for the owner of dangerbird records, producer tony hoffer, and in de groot music group. this is going to be an awesome show and you’ll also get to be introduced to all kinds of new bands too! the showcase is $5 at the door

see you all this week!

-xo pretty birds

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